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Terms of Use and Data Policy

When you use JUMA data, you provide us with some personal data in order to make your operation viable. We care about the security of your data, respect for your privacy and transparency with you and, therefore, we dedicate this document to explain how your personal data will be treated.  and what measures we apply to keep them safe. According to the definition brought by the General Data Protection Law “LGPD” (Federal Law nº 13.709.2018), most of the time we will be the controller of your information, being therefore responsible for defining what happens with this data and for protecting them.


To make this policy easier to understand, whenever you encounter the terms  “we” or “our”, we are referring to the controller of your personal data, i.e. JUMA, and whenever we read “user”, “you”, “your” or “your”, we refer to you, our client or user of our platforms.




During your experience, we may collect different types of personal data, automatically for the purpose of checking, monitoring and control, or provided directly by you, such as for the purpose of registering. See below what personal data we may collect and in each situation:


During registration:

Full name;


CPF number;

Email address;

Phone number;

Date of birth;

Data referring to your addresses.

IP address;

Information about the device used for navigation;

Searched or viewed products and categories;

View count;

Pages visited on other websites.


Below we present some information that will only be accessed if you authorize us. You can revoke this authorization at any time.


When using certain features of our website.


Access to the contact list;

Camera access.


Other information that may be collected:

Social login information, if you register through an account on a social network, such as Facebook and Google, and authorize this collection;

Information about you that has been made public by you or is publicly available;

Information we collect from third parties, for example, complements of your registration data (name, affiliation, date of birth, CPF, telephone number, address, among others), score generated by credit agencies, if you are part of any list of Politically Exposed Person (PEP) or an alert list (such as OFAC, UNSC and other international lists), among others.

Information we receive from partners for delivery of products purchased on partner platforms, for example, redemption of products in loyalty programs or any other platform where we can offer your catalog of products and services.

Information provided by you voluntarily, such as through communications with JUMA on social media or in product reviews and reviews.

Copies of documents sent by you such as proof of residence, bank details or copy of an identity document, generally used to prove your registration or validation of your identity.



We use personal data to ensure quality service and a better experience. We list below the purposes for which we may use your personal data:


Registration data:

To enable the provision of different services available on our website

To handle requests and queries in our Service Center.

To correctly identify the User.

To send purchased products or offer communications.

To contact you when necessary. This contact may cover various matters, such as communication about promotions and offers, answers to questions, responses to complaints and requests, updates on orders placed and delivery information.

To assist in diagnosing and troubleshooting technical problems.

To develop new features and improvements, improving your experience with our available services.

To consult your information in the databases of credit agencies.

To carry out investigations and measures to prevent and combat illicit acts, fraud, financial crimes and money laundering and/or terrorist financing crimes.

To ensure compliance with legal or regulatory obligations or ensure the regular exercise of rights. In these cases, we may even use and present the information in judicial and administrative proceedings, if necessary.

To collaborate with the fulfillment of a court order, a competent authority or a supervisory body.


To identify the physical stores closest to you.

Display personalized ads.

For sending contextualized messages via push (1).

To assist in the analysis that can be used to protect your account and increase the security level of your registration data, or even to prevent possible fraud.

Contact List and Camera:

To make Wix functionality and features available


Navigation Data:

To assist with technical diagnosis and troubleshooting.

To develop new features and improvements, improving your experience with our available services.




For the performance of the activities listed above, whenever necessary, we may share your personal data with other companies in our group, with service providers, partners or with regulatory bodies. We never sell personal data. Below is a summary of these possibilities:


Service providers: so that we can make our products available and provide our services with quality, we rely on the collaboration of several service providers, who process the personal data collected on our behalf and in accordance with our instructions. These service providers primarily work to assist us with anti-fraud analysis, payment intermediation, marketing campaign management, database enrichment and cloud storage.


Judicial, police or governmental authorities: we must provide personal data of Customers and/or Users, in compliance with a court order, requests from administrative authorities, legal or regulatory obligation, as well as to act collaboratively with governmental authorities, in general in investigations. involving illegal acts.


Potential Buyers: We may share your personal data with other companies in which a sale negotiation or transfer of part or all of the commercial activity, business or operation is concluded. If the sale or transfer is not completed, we will ask the potential buyer not to use and not disclose their personal data in any way or form, erasing them completely.




We store your data securely in data centers located in Brazil as well as abroad. In this case of storage abroad, all applicable legal measures are adopted, in accordance with the General Data Protection Law and its future regulations, ensuring the protection and privacy of your personal data.


We adopt the best techniques to protect the personal data collected from unauthorized access, destruction, loss, alteration, communication or any form of inappropriate or illicit treatment, including encryption mechanisms. We emphasize, however, that no platform is completely secure. If you have any concerns or suspects that your data is at risk, please contact us through our support channels and we will be happy to assist you promptly.


Your personal data will be kept for as long as you are an active customer. After this period, we may store your personal data for an additional period for audit purposes, to enable compliance with legal or regulatory obligations. We will retain your data for the necessary period, respecting the deadlines established in the applicable legislation.




We may use certain monitoring technologies to collect information about activities carried out on our platforms.  in an automated way. The information collected through such technologies is used to perform application performance metrics, identify usage problems, capture the behavior of Users in general and collect content impression data.

See below some of the technologies that may be present


Cookies: cookie is a small file added to the User's device to provide a personalized experience of accessing the platform. Cookies help analyze internet traffic and allow us to know when the User has visited a specific website. A cookie does not give access to a computer or reveal information beyond the data the user chooses to share with us.

Pixels: pixels are pieces of installed JavaScript code added to our applications, websites or in the body of an email, with the purpose of tracking and collecting information about users' activities, allowing the identification of their access patterns, navigation, interest and product purchases, and optimizing used to optimize content targeting.

Web beacon: web beacon is a technique that allows you to map who is visiting a certain web page, identifying user behavior with different websites or web servers.

Analytics tools: these tools may collect information about how Users visit one of our pages, which sessions they visit and when they visit such pages, other sites that have been visited before, among others.




Some of your personal data may be transferred to other countries, for example, when we use cloud computing services for data processing or storage, located outside Brazil.  




Transparency about the processing of your personal data is a priority. In addition to the information provided in this Privacy Policy, you can also exercise the rights provided for in the General Data Protection Law, including:

Confirmation of the existence of processing of personal data.

Access to personal data.

Revocation of Consent.

Correction of incomplete, inaccurate or outdated personal data.

Deletion of personal data processed with consent or unnecessary, excessive or when it is understood that some point of the LGPD has not been met.

Information about the circumstances and with which companies, partners and other institutions we may share, or receive personal data concerning you.

Information on the possibility of not providing consent and on the consequences of denial, where applicable.

All requests will be processed free of charge, and will be subject to a prior assessment of their identity and the feasibility of the service, in order to comply with any obligations that prevent the complete fulfillment of the requests of the right holders.




We will treat your personal data with high levels of protection and guaranteeing your privacy, throughout the period that you are our customer, browsing our platforms and using our services, or potential customer with whom we share our product and service offerings.

Where applicable, and even if you choose to delete your personal data from our database, the website may retain some or all of your personal data for additional periods to comply with legal or regulatory obligations, for the regular exercise of rights, any actions lawsuits, auditing purposes of various natures, or other deadlines defined and based on legal bases that justify the retention of this data.




We are constantly looking to improve our customers' experience. Thus, our personal data processing practices may change with the inclusion of new features and services.

We value transparency in the way we handle your personal data. Whenever any relevant condition of this Privacy Policy is changed, those changes will be valid, effective and binding after the new version is posted on our website. These changes will be communicated through one of the channels made available by you during your registration (email, SMS, WhatsApp and others).




Whenever you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, even after reading it, or need to interact with us on matters involving your personal data, you can do so:

Through our service channels available via the Data Officer's email:  

Update: December 31, 2021.


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